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Philly Union Rally in Love Park

While we only received minimum media coverage I gotta say the rally was a success. Close to 1000 union workers showed up to stand up for our rights and tell the mayor Michael "Nutty" Nutter that we won't take his threats sitting down.

Moral in the office is at a high with contract talks coming up next week with the deadline for the contract being the end of this month. I don't see a strike coming but what I do see is us bleeding the city under the old contract until we can negotiate better when the economy is no longer the mayors scapegoat. By law, the mayor cannot fire us or impose a new contract while we do not strike basically making us and him stick with the old contract. Let's see how he likes that.

8 Jokes Part IV

Sorry for the delay on this one. It’s been done for about 2 weeks but I have had a hectic time at work and no time to upload it. Speaking of work we got some new computers and they are locked down tighter then…. Well input your own dirty metaphor here. At least they are fast and I won’t need to deal with 512k of ram anymore. But enough about work, it’s Friday and you came here for a comic.

8 Jokes Part III

This is the continuation of my previous comic about the 8 types of jokes. I have one more to go. I wanted to have this done sooner but things are hectic at work and it makes it hard to be funny.

This is the continuation of my previous comic about the 8 types of jokes. I have at least two more to go. Sorry to cut this short but the Man is watching.


Subpar Comic 70

I came across this article in the Merto newspaper this week and I thought it would make a great comic topic. It was either this or prostitutes providing discounts because of the economy. I am breaking this comic up into a three parter. This is part one.



Sorry for the delay but this comic has been a long time in coming. I had an idea and no way to end it. I feel that this one works though. I haven't been feeling well the past few weeks so it has taken a toll on my comic. I promise when I feel better that I will update more often. For now, enjoy the comic and Pursey's misery.

My Past, Their Future

Our Mayor is set to close 11 Libraries tomorrow with no plans to reopen them. Out cry from the masses has fallen on deaf ears so we are all SOL. I grew up visiting the Holmesburg library constantly and I don't know if I would be here today without it. I took part in the summer reading programs and loved having access to so many books for free. I fear for our city's future.

Bruce Campbell 12-Inch Action Figure

Last minute gift idea!!!

Bruce Campbell 12-Inch Action Figure Description:

* His name is Bruce!
* Highly detailed!
* Loaded with articulation and accessories!

One of the most anticipated genre movie releases of the year is My Name Is Bruce, starring the cult hero (or is that antihero?) Bruce Campbell. Campbell is abducted from his trailer-park home to fight against Guan Di, a Chinese war deity. Thinking it all a joke, although thinking clearly is not one of his strong suits in this picture, Mr. Campbell discovers that it all is real, much to his shock and dismay. Mayhem ensues. The fully articulated 12-inch tall doll is formed from a 3-D scan of Campbell himself. Besides a custom fabric miniature version of his actual Hawaiian shirt, which was loaned to us by Mr. Campbell, proving that he's the kind of partner who would "give you the shirt off his back," an array of movie-specific accessories are included. Two of these are miniature "angel" and "devil" versions of Mr. Campbell. They attach to his shoulders using hidden magnets. Additionally, Bruce comes with Shemps Olde Tyme Whiskey, a Bruce collectible toy in melted package, Refreshing Lemon Drink bottle, a miniature Chins book, and a big honkin' gun with price tag still attached. Puzzled? You won't be once you see the movie!

Bettie Page, one of America's most photographed pin-up girls during the 1950s, died in Los Angeles on Thursday from pneumonia, her agent said. She was 85.

Page was a ubiquitous sight during the 1950s, propelled to stardom when she posed for Playboy as Miss January 1955. Soon her image was gracing playing cards, record albums and bedroom posters across the country.

It is a shame she passed. :( And I have to admit, Bettie Page graced my desktop background for over two months this year which usually only happens with pictures of my wife. At least Bunny is a fan too and understands.

The Bunny Biz

Things have been a bit busy around here lately. Holidays and all come around and the comic gets neglected. I have been working on this one now on and off for about three days. Would get a panel done and then not come back to it for a day to do the next. Had to get it done today or I was going to go nuts. Enjoy.