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Bruce Campbell 12-Inch Action Figure

Last minute gift idea!!!

Bruce Campbell 12-Inch Action Figure Description:

* His name is Bruce!
* Highly detailed!
* Loaded with articulation and accessories!

One of the most anticipated genre movie releases of the year is My Name Is Bruce, starring the cult hero (or is that antihero?) Bruce Campbell. Campbell is abducted from his trailer-park home to fight against Guan Di, a Chinese war deity. Thinking it all a joke, although thinking clearly is not one of his strong suits in this picture, Mr. Campbell discovers that it all is real, much to his shock and dismay. Mayhem ensues. The fully articulated 12-inch tall doll is formed from a 3-D scan of Campbell himself. Besides a custom fabric miniature version of his actual Hawaiian shirt, which was loaned to us by Mr. Campbell, proving that he's the kind of partner who would "give you the shirt off his back," an array of movie-specific accessories are included. Two of these are miniature "angel" and "devil" versions of Mr. Campbell. They attach to his shoulders using hidden magnets. Additionally, Bruce comes with Shemps Olde Tyme Whiskey, a Bruce collectible toy in melted package, Refreshing Lemon Drink bottle, a miniature Chins book, and a big honkin' gun with price tag still attached. Puzzled? You won't be once you see the movie!


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