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Running With Flaming Scissors

True story, you can find the recall notice on google.

Comic #80 Naughty Tentacles

I have been slacking a bit on my comic. Since my last comic I have come up with a ton of ideas but when I sat down to draw them I hated the idea by the end. Then the idea got scrapped. This comic came about due to my wife’s obsession with Calamari. She loves the stuff. If you live in Philly Solaris has a good calamari appetizer. I suggest you try it out. Just ask them to replace the sauce with the soy drizzle from their spring rolls. Yum! Now I’m hungry.

iPad.... 'nuff said.

Comic 79

Does anyone else remember the good old days of being a kid and watching PSA’s at the end of cartoons while waiting for the next adventure to start? Yeah, most of them might have been a bit cheesy but they do get the point across. Do children shows even have PSA’s anymore? Who knows if I would be here today if G.I. Joe didn’t warn me not to play in abandoned refrigerators? Enjoy!

Real World II

Yeah, I know. Late update. What else is new. Work has been busy and I have had little free time to draw. But I'm back with the second part to Pursey in the real world. Enjoy!

Subpar Comic #77 A-Rod Preview

Subpar Comic Real World I

I have been suffering from writers block for awhile now. It has been driving me nuts and, that's usually Bunny's job. So I sat down today to just draw one panel in an attempt to get my brain going. And this is where I ended up. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Subpar Comic #75 Frog Xing

Nutter the Cutter

Subpar Comic #74 Scottish Dilemma

I saw this story on Google news and just could not pass it up. With the news being littered with nothing but celebrity obituaries it’s nice to have something fresh to wrap my brain around.